Measure the True Cost of Living

What you will see on the ballot

This proposal would amend the City Charter to:

Require the City to create a “true cost of living” measure to track the actual cost in New York City of meeting essential needs, including housing, food, childcare, transportation, and other necessary costs, and without considering public, private, or informal assistance, in order to inform programmatic and policy decisions; and

Require the City government to report annually on the “true cost of living” measure.

Shall this proposal be adopted?


This proposal would require the city to measure the actual cost of living for city residents to meet essential needs. This measurement is intended to focus on dignity rather than poverty.

If This Proposal Passes

  • Beginning in 2024, the city would be required to track the actual cost of living for housing, childcare, child and dependent expenses, food, transportation, healthcare, clothing, and more.
  • Findings would be reported alongside metrics used to measure poverty or set eligibility for public benefits.

Statements for and against the proposal


  • 提前投票

    2024 年 6 月 15 日,星期六 - 2024 年 6 月 23 日,星期日
  • 提前邮寄/缺席选票和选民登记表申请截止日期

    2024 年 6 月 15 日,星期六
  • 选民登记申请截止日期

    2024 年 6 月 15 日,星期六
  • 提前邮寄/缺席选票申请的截止日期(亲自)

    2024 年 6 月 24 日,星期一